Borderlands: ARISE

Archaeological Research of Idjos Site and Environment

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The site of Idjos is a low naturaly defensible promontory located close to the ancient course of the Tisa river. This formed a liminal marker between distinct cultural traditions in prehistory, while also providing a riverine highway for the inhabitants of the site to access the resources of the Carpathians to the north and the Balkans to the south.
With Early and Late Neolithic in one part of the site and a Bronze - Iron Age enclosed settlement and early Slavic occupation also, Idjos was a uniquely resilient settlement location.Our project will develop our understanding of domestic and industrial life at this intercultural cross-road from Europe's first farmers to Bronze Age complex societies.



Borderlands: ARISE investigates an interface zone between the Balkans and Central Europe that shares links with major cultural groups during times of significant social change in Europe. Our focus is on the site and surrounding landscape of Gradiste Idjos in Serbia (ARISE: Archaeological Research of Idjos Site and Environment).

Through geophysics, surface survey and test excavation we know that the fortified centre at Idjos was occupied from the Early to Late Neolithic and during the Late Bronze Age-Iron Age transition.

An international team of archaeologists from Serbia, Ireland, Germany and the UK will be conducting fieldwork and research from 2014 to 2018.