We are committed to a strong program of public engagement on the Borderlands: ARISE project as a core principle of our work. 

For this reason we regularly update our social media platforms throughout the year.

Prior to our fieldwork we raise awareness of the project in in local schools and through the museum at Kikinda. During our fieldwork season we welcome vistors.

Our long-term objective is to develop an archaeological park that will incorporate the impressive forticiations and excavation work we conduct at Idjos. Through this we will integrate an experimental component to the technological analyses of the objects and features that we excavate at the site. This will include the reproduction of material culture such as pottery, structures such as houses and forticiation structures. These will in turn serve as an educational resource that links into the work of the museum at Kidinda and will be a core attraction for visitors to the planned archaeological park.

Experimental casting of bronze artefacts at UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Ancient Technology (photo. B. Molloy)