Our 2016 field season ran from June 14th for eight weeks. We excavated our Early to Late Neolithic village, continuing work on our excellently preserved Neolithic houses. Geophysics show there are many more within this village and other features of interest to be returned to in 2017. Work also continued on our major Bronze Age fortified site, where we excavated a small special purpose structure with elaborate ceramics and the primary fortification ditch, measuring ca. 5m across and 3 metres deep - a quite massive affair!. Keep up to date on our future activity via our Facebook page and our Twitter feed @idjos_project.

Fieldschool 2016
Our 2016 fieldschool included students from Cardiff University, University College Dublin, Belgrade University and other guests. If you are interested in joining us in 2017, get in touch via our contact pageclick here

Fieldschool 2015
We had fourteen students participating in our first fieldschool in 2015 from Cardiff University, University College Dublin, Belgrade University and McGill University and an even larger team in 2016, when we got to grips with some of the more exciting features on the here

2014 pilot investigations
Through test trenching and geophysical analysis preliminary insights into the organisation of Late Neolithic and Late Bronze Age domestic activites are emerging. We will be reporting on this in Autumn 2015

2015 Excavation Season 2015
We had the opportunity in 2015 to excavate a complete Late Neolithic house and several Bronze Age features including pits and possible elements of the defensive complex

2015 Excavation Season plans for 2017
We will return to the houses of the Neolithic and excavate a possible ditch and continue testing the habitation and fortification of the Bronze Age, including digging two of the ditches and the rampart itself this year.

Through our regular facebook updates during the season, you can find out all the goings on at Gradiste Idjos. Follow the progress of our work at here

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