Our work

MissionLying at the interface of major Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures, our work examines the strategic role of this site.  Read more>
Research historyTest excavations last century identified the importance of the site, leading to the current multidiscipliary project.  Read more>
Supporting institutionsThe work at Idjos is supported by academic and state institutions and funding bodies. Learn more>
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Our Team

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The diverse expertise we employ brings together people from institutions around Europe.

The multidisciplinary framework underlying our project is made possible by the diverse expertise of our team. A core element that drew us together was a desire to develop a  project that would foster collaborative endeavours across traditional boundaries: sectoral, national, specialisms, gender and age. 

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Primary project collaborators 
Neda Mirković - Terra Arc consultancy. Fieldwork Co-Director and ceramic studies

Barry Molloy - University College Dublin. Fieldwork Co-Director and metallurgy studies.

Miroslav Marić - Institute for Balkan Studies, Belgrade. Fieldwork Co-Director.

Lidija Milasinović - Kidinda Museum. Project Co-Director and Archaeological Park Principal Developer.

Specialist consultants

Jelena Marković - National Museum Belgrade. Specialist in lithics.

Marina Milić - University College London. Specialist in lithics and provenancing methods.

Patrick Mertl - Geophysical prospection.

Dragan Jovanović - Museum of Vrsac. Specialist in Bronze Age ceramics and metalwork.

Dragana Filipović - Institute for Balkan Studies. Archaeobotany.

Jelena Bulatović  - Institute for Balkan Studies. Faunal analysis.

Aca Đorđević - National Museum Belgrade. Excavation specialist.

Jugoslav Pendić - Excavation specialist.

Igor Vaduvesković - Excavation specialist.